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Linux System IO monitoring

Posted by hitchingupthetrailer on 2013/08/26

This one is for Linux geeks.

Was looking for something to show me io stats for the SSD on one of our servers. While I ran across dstat which produced a lot of nice data in very readable format

Click on the picture to see the details.


Then I ran across this site that discussed the topic and thought that I would share as it seems like a nice write up with decent examples/


Plus monitoring disk Io can be done by multiple tools like the following. So we have a lot of options to use.

  1. Iostat
  2. Iozone
  3. SAR
  4. vmstat

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Good post about some useful linux commands

Posted by hitchingupthetrailer on 2010/02/19

This site has a nice linux blog. I ran across this post about some basic linux command that are useful. Click here to read them.

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Korn shell notes and coding tips

Posted by hitchingupthetrailer on 2010/02/12

Use this to test a value to see if it is numeric

   if [[ "$1" == [0-9] ]]; then
    do stuff

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