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Nielson Ratings for TV shows

Posted by hitchingupthetrailer on 2013/10/28

I ran across 2 articles about how Nielson Ratings is changing how the collect information about TV show viewing.  All I can is it is about time they made themselves relevant again. Limiting yourself to a shrinking viewing audience does a disservice to those that create and watch those shows, as well as give someone else a chance to nibble away at their monopoly on tv ratings.  Far too often TV Networks cancel good shows (Firefly) and leave on stupid ones.

  • The following link is the press release about them using Twitter. They have a new url/site for the social media data at http://www.socialguide.com/


  • The following link is for the 2nd article on how for the fall 2014 season they will include mobile tv viewing (mobile  phones, tablets, etc)



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Someone Figured Out How To Show The Most Popular GIFs Being Tweeted In Real Time

Posted by hitchingupthetrailer on 2013/08/26

Now on a totally non-tech (expect for I would like to know how they are trolling twitter for just gif’s from everyone) we have a few smart folks that want to help you keep track of the most shared gif on twitter.  So if you were wondering what got the most ‘hits’ on twitter now you can find out….



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Ken Burns

Posted by hitchingupthetrailer on 2010/02/22

Angela Galper says that I should take a look at Ken Burn’s videos.

Here is a link to the one on the National Parks

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