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Fish Oil turns out to be just another health care myth

Posted by hitchingupthetrailer on 2015/03/31

At least 10 percent of Americans take fish oil regularly, most believing that the omega-3 fatty acids in the supplements will protect their cardiovascular health.

But there is one big problem: The vast majority of clinical trials involving fish oil have found no evidence that it lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Go to the link below for more details


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The Return to Medievalism

Posted by hitchingupthetrailer on 2015/03/19

An article by  that discusses why the human race seems to be determined to take giant leaps backwards when we are at the cusp of significant global advancement.

The rejection of modernity and technology may be to blame for this backward trend. The unwilliness to change your beliefs to match new facts, actual changes in the real world that you reject because of your blind obedience to something that barely worked 1000 years ago.

Read the rest of the article here.


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Pumping the Planet Dry

Posted by hitchingupthetrailer on 2015/03/19

An article from revealnews that discusses how we are pump too much groundwater.  There are 2 things wrong with this, 1) eventually the wells go dry and

2) we are adding to global sea level rise

The real solution to water shortages is to desalinate ocean water. not saying that it is easy but it will be necessary at some point.


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