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Nielson Ratings for TV shows

Posted by hitchingupthetrailer on 2013/10/28

I ran across 2 articles about how Nielson Ratings is changing how the collect information about TV show viewing.  All I can is it is about time they made themselves relevant again. Limiting yourself to a shrinking viewing audience does a disservice to those that create and watch those shows, as well as give someone else a chance to nibble away at their monopoly on tv ratings.  Far too often TV Networks cancel good shows (Firefly) and leave on stupid ones.

  • The following link is the press release about them using Twitter. They have a new url/site for the social media data at http://www.socialguide.com/


  • The following link is for the 2nd article on how for the fall 2014 season they will include mobile tv viewing (mobile  phones, tablets, etc)



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