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Networking That Will Get Headhunters To Notice You

Posted by hitchingupthetrailer on 2012/02/26

How to Network with Executive Search Firms

by Bill Barnett

As you grow in your career, it’s important to grow your network with you. By the time they’re 45 or 50, most executives will benefit if they have positive relationships with two or three¬†quality search consultants. While I encourage these relationships, I’m certainly not saying you should always be looking for a new job. That’s the path to failure. Most executives, however, will benefit if they occasionally are in touch with the market for people like them. At senior levels, search consultants are the closest thing to that kind of market. The right search consultant can be more than a source of job opportunities. He or she also can react to what you’re doing and provide detached but well-informed advice that may be hard to find anywhere else.

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Gerber Steady – multi-tool & mini tripod

Posted by hitchingupthetrailer on 2012/02/16

Gerber Steady

Gerber is taking the multi-tool into new territory with the Steady. Like their other hardworking pocket tools, it features all stainless blades, serrated and straight, plus wire cutters, 3 screwdrivers, bottle opener, etc. But since no weekend adventure is going down without your phone and camera, the key features of the Steady are an adjustable cell phone mount and a tripod mount for your camera.



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