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Where the Tech Jobs Are (And How to Find One)

Posted by hitchingupthetrailer on 2011/12/04

From PcMagazine 

Network for Work

Networking—not a social network but an actual in-person meet-and-greet—is the best way to find a job, according to 35 percent of industry respondents to a recent survey from IT staffing company Modis. Unsure where to start? Attend aMeetup in a field relating to your interests, or find a hackathon. Take a seat in a co-working space with SharedDesks orLoosecubes. Mingling with your new cube neighbors could get you out of the houseand get you a job. Many co-working spaces are available for just a few dollars a day and have frequent networking events. If there’s a company you have your eye on but there are no openings, check to see if any of your LinkedIn contacts know anyone there and request an informational interview through them. Remember, though: you’re there to ask questions, not ask for a job.

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